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Because of the unique environment, Tampa residents find themselves constantly battling a whole host of unwanted invaders. To most locals, this is life as normal. For someone new or newer to the area, it can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, there is just far too much information out there regarding pests for the homeowner to truly know everything they need to know about proper removal and prevention. This is especially true when it comes to the tricky box elder bug. Although we are a professional pest management firm more than capable and willing of handling your conundrum, we’d also like to help the local community save a little money. Here are some tips and information you’ll need for battling these pests.

What Are Box Elder Bugs And Why Are They On My Property?

The box elder bug is one of the most unique and distinctive insects that you’ll encounter in Tampa. Most of this has to do with its funky appearance. This bug looks like something out of the future or a faraway nation with its distinctive red markings and flat wings. An adult member of this society can grow nearly as big as 1/2 an inch long. They commonly feed on Ash, Maple, Cherry, and Box Elder trees.

Their diets are one thing that draws them to most Tampa properties, but it’s not the only potential. These bugs are also overwintering pests, meaning they commonly start seeking warmth and shelter when the weather starts to turn colder. When the weather starts to turn, you can expect to find them looking for shelter in the cracks and crevices of your foundation. Luckily, these unwanted invaders are more of a nuisance than anything. They do not bite or transmit disease, but they have been known to leave behind unpleasant odors and stains.

Tackling The Bugs With Dish Soap

DIY pest management methods can always be tricky. Although it is always best to let the pros with previous experience handle the problem, there are certain things homeowners can try. For instance, dishwashing soap is a big deterrent and killer of these pests. Mixing a tablespoon in a spray bottle with water and applying directly to bugs can kill them. More importantly, this combination is repulsive to the bugs. Cleaning the surfaces of your home with dish soap can go a long way towards deterring these pests.

Vacuuming The Bugs

A good vacuum cleaner with powerful suction can also be a good tool in your fight against the box elder bug. When you see them, simply vacuum them up and the surrounding area, and dispose of them in a sealed plastic bag. That being said, you’ll want to avoid crushing them at all costs because this will not only likely stain, but it’ll cause those unpleasant odors. For best results, clean up the areas you vacuumed with soapy water immediately after removing the bugs with the vacuum cleaner.

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