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Professional Cockroach Pest Control Tampa FL

The cockroach, one of the most intrusive household pests, species are divided into multiple families:

  • Anaplectidae – “Blattoidea” superfamily
  • Tryonicidae – “Blattoidea” superfamily
  • Lamroblattidae – “Blattoidea” superfamily
  • Ectobiidae (Blattellidae)
  • Corydiidae (Polyphagidae)

The termite species was at one time categorized in the “Isoptera” order, separate from the cockroach. Scientists have identified around 4,000 cockroach species across the globe. Of the nearly 4,000 cockroach species, only 30 are considered household pests. Five of the approximately 4,000 cockroach species are reportedly found in Florida.

Cockroach infiltration is reported by thousands of Tampa home and business owners. There is no doubt, the cockroach is one pest species hard to forget. This especially applies to victims of a cockroach infestation.

Most Common Cockroach Sightings In Tampa

In Tampa, there are two primary cockroach species, one of which is commensal (invades human habitats). The American and German cockroach species have unique features, allowing them to be identified quickly and easily. These physical characteristics can also come in handy when differentiating between the two species.

German Cockroach Species 

A commensal insect species, the German cockroach grows up to 5/8” in length, with a dark brown body. The cockroach has three sets of legs, each of which is covered with spiky projections. The main purpose of these unique features is to give the insect traction when walking on specific surfaces.

 Within her lifetime, the mature female generates up to 5 capsules, utilized to store around 40 eggs. The commensal cockroach species infest human habitats. They can be found hiding inside appliances, electronics, kitchen cabinets, and underneath sinks.

The insect has a set of well-develop wings, but no flying capability. On the poster head, markings called “racing stripes” are prominent.

American Cockroach Species 

A cockroach species that prefers the outdoors to the human habitat. The adult grows up to 2 inches in length, with a dark brown to reddish/brown body. The plate on the posterior head is marked with a dark vertical line.

The insect builds its nest in public sewage systems, steam tunnels, leaky pipes, and stagnant water. They can also be found living near damaged downspouts, gutters, and sewage pipes.

Cockroach Species Rarely Found In Tampa

Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach Species 

The species consists of both females and males. The adult grows up to 1” in length, with the female slightly shorter at ¾” long. In addition, to being the smaller of the two species, the female’s wings are shorter.

Rarely seen as a commensal species, the Pennsylvania wood cockroach prefers the outdoors to the human habitat. The insect builds its nest near stagnant water, rotting firewood piles, and lumber.

The male has a set of fully developed wings that come in handy after dark when trying to reach bright outdoor lighting fixtures.

Spotted Mediterranean Cockroach Species 

As one of the smaller species, the spotted Mediterranean cockroach grows up to 13” long. The body varies between tan and brown with dark markings. The species was first reported in the United States in the mid-1900s, originating from Europe.

The cockroach builds its nest in gardens, nurseries, and shrubs. Not a commensal species, the Spotted Mediterranean cockroach prefers the outdoors to the human habitat any day of the week.

The adult is drawn to bright outdoor lighting fixtures after dark.

Oriental Cockroach Species 

The adult grows up to 1-1/2 inches long, with a body that varies between black and dark brown. Only the male has wings, which cover approximately 75 percent of the insect’s body.

The cockroach species build their nests in vacant buildings, public sewers, landfills, and other infested areas. The diet consists of rotting organic matter, waste, and fecal material. The insect is known for infesting vacant buildings in metropolis areas and inner cities.

Smokey Brown Cockroach Species 

This is one of the largest species of cockroach, growing up 1-1/2 inches in length. The body varies between dark brown and reddish/brown, with three sets of legs and two antennas. The posterior head is solid black.

The adult male and female have fully developed wings, with flying capabilities.

Surinam Cockroach Species 

The adult grows up to ¾ inches long or about the same size as the female Pennsylvania Wood cockroach. The cockroach is drawn to warm environments, which is why they are sometimes found in Florida.

The insect builds its nests in greenhouses and nurseries. The species do not include males, only females. Unlike most female cockroaches, the female Surinam cockroach stores her reproductive capsule, with eggs internally. When the insect is ready to give birth, she will begin preparing for live birth.

Brown-Banded Cockroach Species 

The adult grows up to 0.5 inches long, with a body that ranges between tan and light brown. Unlike the German cockroach species, the brown-banded cockroach has racing stripes on its posterior head.

While rarely spotted in Tampa, the species will show up from time to time.

Why Is My Tampa Property Infiltrated With Cockroaches?

Commensal cockroaches have the essentials in mind when it comes to infiltrating commercial and residential establishments. The essentials include shelter, water, and food, all of which can be found in most human habitats.

Cockroaches infiltrate homes through tiny crevices and gaps in window frames, entrance door thresholds, crawlspace vents, and vulnerable foundations. However, the insect has been known to invade more homes through access points, such as plumbing pipe passages.

Do Cockroach Spread Disease To Children?

Yes, cockroaches spread various types of disease, including salmonella, Shigella, and E. coli. The insect species have also been associated with asthma in young children. These cases are more commonly reported in children living in infested homes.

Cockroach-borne illnesses spread through contaminated fecal material and urine. The insect drops its waste in the food supply, on surfaces utilized for meal preparation, and in dishes.

Cockroaches also pick up contaminants during their travels. These contaminants are also responsible for foodborne illnesses. A few hours or days after ingestion of contaminants, victims begin to exhibit nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, and a low-grade fever.

How Difficult Is It to Achieve Full Eradication Of A Cockroach Colony?

Cockroach colonies can have a dozen or hundreds of members. The insects colonize to protect the species from extinction. Tampa consumers have two pest control treatment options at their disposal. These pest control strategies include do-it-yourself and professional, with the latter being the more potent of the two.

Our professional cockroach management helps in many ways. It helps our exterminators, community members, government officials, and entomologists manage the cockroach population in Tampa. By preventing the overpopulation of the species, it is possible to minimize the number of new cockroach infestation cases reported each year.

We combine an industrial-strength pesticide with adhesive traps, fumigators, and other treatments to maximize the outcome.

Is Cockroach Pest Control Products Harmful To The Environment?

Conventional pesticides pose minimal to no environmental risks when administered per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Our pest control experts are fully trained in pesticide safety to protect the environment and our clients from unnecessary exposure to chemicals.

We have partnered with Florida’s top entomologists to find new and much-improved ways to eradicate cockroaches on contact. Our professional cockroach management not only helps control Tampa’s cockroach population but also reduces the number of new cockroach infiltration and infestation cases.

How Easy Is It To Request A Free Cockroach Consultation In Tampa?

We have recently simplified our pest control service request process. We can process your service request within 24 to 48 hours upon receiving it. Once the request is processed, a qualified customer support personnel will reach out to you regarding an appointment for a free consultation.

What Is The Most Effective Cockroach Prevention Solution?

Once an exterminator has deemed your home “cockroach-free”, we will begin developing a prevention plan for your home. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to speed up the pest control process.

  • Develop a household waste plan that removes all cockroach food sources to an outdoor trash bin
  • Seal all exterior-to-interior openings around door frames with silicone, caulk, or foam insulation
  • Educate your family about the dangers of a cockroach infestation
  • Take advantage of our free pest control services

We are fully equipped, experienced, and qualified to take on mild to very severe cockroach infestation. We utilize cutting-edge technology to drive bed bugs out of hiding. Our customer support team has decades of combined experience in the Florida pest control industry.

We offer free cockroach home inspection, professional references, and written service quotes. To learn more contact our Tampa location and ask to speak with one of our qualified exterminators.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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