Conventional Treatment

Conventional TreatmentOur Tampa FL exterminators can use a handful of tools to eliminate the bedbugs in your dwelling. Although we use eco-friendly techniques, some of our clients prefer conventional treatments because they’ve been used for many, many years. Our conventional treatments can indeed eliminate bedbugs, but they require precise steps to be taken. We must visit the home multiple times and treat it twice. We follow the advice provided after the study performed by researchers at Purdue University.

We’ll follow the steps below.

  • We’ll visit the home twice to inspect and treat the dwelling for bedbugs.
  • During the third and final visit, we’ll check the dwelling for bedbugs.
  • If necessary, we’ll treat the home during the final visit.
  • We wait two to three weeks between visits to ensure any eggs in the home have hatched

Put your mind at ease knowing we use the latest and safest conventional treatments. Call us to learn more about these methods right now.

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