Heat Treatment

Using heat is an effective way to eliminate bedbugs in any dwelling. It is pertinent to use the right tools. Otherwise, you won’t achieve your goals. We argue that it is best to use heat since it is widely reliable and safe. We offer a handful of other services but often recommend thermal heat treatment.

Why Heat Works

Heat works exceptionally well for this purpose because bedbugs cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. When they’re exposed to extreme temperatures, they will try to escape the dwelling immediately. If they cannot, they’re going to die. Our technicians will take steps to ensure that these pests cannot escape your home. Once this happens, the bugs will be eliminated. One of the best things about heat is the fact it can treat 100% of the dwelling.

Heat can reach all areas of the home. It will penetrate gaps, cracks, and holes.  Any bedbugs in the home will be reached and eliminated. We’ll increase the home to 140-degrees or higher. At this temperature, the bedbugs in your home cannot survive.

Heat Could Be Most Effective

Heat could be the most effective treatment for bedbugs. It works exceptionally well because it treats all aspects of the home. Although it may require multiple heat machines, it will treat all cracks, corners, and crevices in the home. Our technicians have been using heat to eliminate bedbugs for many years. Therefore, they can complete the treatment without exposing anyone to problems. These bugs won’t have any place to hide when you work with our technicians.

Keeping An Eye On The Temperatures

It is vital to make sure that the temperatures always remain above 140-degrees. We’ll maintain these temperatures for two hours or longer to ensure that the bugs in your home are eliminated. We cannot let the temperatures drop because doing so will allow the bugs to survive. We’ll take care of the problem so call us as soon as possible.

Leaving The Home

We need to make sure that our clients remain safe from start to finish. We’re going to do this by asking you to remain out of the home until we’ve finished. Heat treatments are speedy compared to the other options. It’ll take a few hours to eliminate the bedbugs in your home using heat treatments. Therefore, you can sleep soundly knowing you’ll be able to return before you know it. You’ll receive a call from us letting you know it is okay to come back.

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