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Ladybugs are extremely common in Tampa. They are so common that most residents don’t even give them a second thought upon seeing them on the property. The truth of the matter is if they are in your home, it could spell major problems ahead. Despite what many think, not all ladybugs are black and red, so you might have a problem and not even know it. Some species of ladybugs found in Tampa are commonly red or yellow with black dots. In fact, just about every color of the rainbow can be found in some species of the ladybug. Although this is interesting, it is no reason to admire the seemingly harmless pest.

Why Ladybugs In The Home Are A Problem?

Most people know that ladybugs are nothing more than nuisance pests. However, ice cream might taste good, but when you consume too much it gives you a tummy ache. Well, ladybugs should be thought of in the same way. They might seem harmless and fun to look at with their beautiful appearance, but when you get thousands in one confined location, you might see things differently.

Ladybugs are what are considered overwintering pests, meaning they can’t survive the cold weather. Although there isn’t much cold weather in Tampa, there is enough of the cold season to force the bugs indoors. The bugs travel indoors, seeking warmth to ride out the colder seasons. When fall starts to arrive the bugs will begin seeking shelter inside. They are drawn to light color and reflective items like windows and will congregate on the sunny side of your home or building.

Given this information, if they do invade the home, it won’t be uncommon to find them near your door frames and windows. They also prefer attics and wall voids.

Ladybug Defense

One of the reasons ladybugs are such a problematic pest is because they possess the unique ability to secret a foul-smelling odor. It seeps from their leg joints and not only smells but can leave behind unwanted, yellow stains on the surface below. This is more of a defense mechanism for the bug, as some potential predators might be deterred by this vile-smelling odor. Ladybug larvae can also ooze alkaloids from their abdomens, which doesn’t make matters any better.

Upon accidentally squashing or trying to remove these bugs from the home, it would not be unfathomable for them to emit these secretions. This might not seem like a problem with just a few bugs, but if you have thousands on top of thousands of bugs releasing these odors, it could spell major problems.

Ladybug Survival

Ladybugs commonly feed on fruits, plants, and other common insects. However, these multi-colored beetles can be extremely persistent. One of the things that make them so hard to eliminate from the home is they don’t nest. Because they don’t rely on nests, they can essentially pack up and relocate at the drop of a hat. In addition to this, they’re not above cannibalism.

If food becomes scarce enough, these problematic pests will eat each other. This is just one of the many reasons that it is best to have our professional pest management pros handle your ladybug problem. We’ll safely and effectively remove the unwanted invaders from your home without causing too much of a fuss. After removal, we’ll even provide you with future preventive measures you can put in place to prevent these beautiful beetles from making their way back onto your property. We’re always available, just give our Tampa office a ring!

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