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Professional Overwintering Pest Control Tampa FL

Being a homeowner is wonderful until overwintering pests become problematic. What is an Overwintering Pest? This is a term created by entomologists in reference to various insect species that overwinter. Overwintering is a naturally occurring process that allows impacted insect species to spend the winter season in a hibernation-like state. Like deer, bears, skunks, groundhogs, bats, and snakes, the overwintering pest spends the winter in a deep sleep.

What is the purpose of overwintering? It is a natural process that protects the box elder bug “boxelder bug”, Brown Marmorated Stink Bug “BMSB”, cluster fly, ladybug, and leaf-footed pine seed bug from extinction. When many people think of the overwintering pest, intrusive is the term that instantly comes to mind. While this may be the case, most insects that fall within the overwintering pest classification are environmentally helpful.

Why Is My Tampa Home Overrun With Overwintering Pests?

Overwintering pests do not infiltrate homes to reproduce or feed. For these reasons, the possibility of a home infestation is significantly dropped. However, these pests generally become overly active around the same time of the year. Overwintering pest activity is at its highest point in the late fall and mid-spring. This is when the impacted insects begin to prepare for and wake up from the overwintering state.

With so many different insect species targeting your property at the same time, this is enough to warrant concern. Vulnerabilities in your home’s structure can easily become an access point for these insects.

Is It Possible To Fully Eradicate A Pantry Pest Infestation?

As mentioned previously, overwintering pests do not reproduce indoors, reducing the risk of an infestation. However, the risks still exist, which is even more important to be on your guard for the insects’ arrival.

Our professional overwintering pest management is the only option for homeowners dealing with an overwintering pest infestation. There could be a dozen, hundreds, or even thousands of these insect species surrounding your home at any given time in the late fall.

Is A Home Inspection Necessary For Overwintering Pests?

Absolutely, a home inspection is a necessity for all pest problems. Whether there is just a minor pest problem or a full-blown infestation, a visual inspection of the impacted property is a must. The inspection is crucial for the pest control process. It provides our exterminators with the evidence needed to determine if an infestation is present.

What Are The Signs Of An Overwintering Pest Infestation?

The most common sign of an overwintering pest infestation is live insects. The insects enter residential and commercial properties through the tiniest opening. Once inside, the pests initiate searches for discrete, warm, damp, and safe hiding places. At this point, there is little time to waste because overwintering is approaching fast. Therefore, the pests will take refuge in garages, sunrooms, attics, and other quickly accessible areas of the property.

When Will An Exterminator Be Available For An Overwintering Pest Inspection?

We can dispatch a pest control expert to your Tampa home within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your service request. Our customer support team will gladly assist you with setting up an appropriate appointment for the inspection. To learn more, do not hesitate to contact our Tampa location.

Be sure to inquire about our free overwintering pest consultation and inspection services. We also offer written quotes and answers to some of your most difficult overwintering pest questions.

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