I Found A Few Bed Bugs – Does that Mean I’m Dealing With An Infestation?

Finding a few bedbugs in your might is never going to be a good thing. Once this happens, you need to begin working to address and rectify the problem. Failing to do so could lead to bigger and worse problems in the long run. Our technicians have been dealing with residential and commercial pests for many years. We can tell you that bedbugs tend to live and travel in large groups. If you’ve found one or two bedbugs in your home, there is a good chance that there are many, many more. Hire a professional and let them deal with the infestation for you immediately.

The Risks

It is pertinent to deal with this problem as quickly as possible. Although it is only two or three bedbugs, there are likely a lot more. The risks are immense. Ignoring the problem means the bedbugs are going to reproduce and the infestation will quickly grow. Therefore, it is vital to do something about it quickly. Remember that female bedbugs breed profusely. They can lay as many as 500 eggs during her life. It is difficult to determine which gender you’re dealing with. It is generally best to work with a professional. Once you’ve done that, the qualified technician will help you determine what you’re dealing with right away. Female bedbugs have rounder abdomens than their male counterparts.

It Isn’t Easy To Spot Bedbugs

Unfortunately, it won’t be easy to identify the bedbug infestation in your home. Instead, these bugs are going to remain hidden until you go to sleep at night. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make it easy to identify the problem. Bedbugs are incredibly small and reddish-brown. They often blend in with their hiding places making them difficult to notice. They’ll stay put until you’re sleeping at night. Therefore, you’re likely not going to realize you have a problem until the infestation has grown considerably.

Could It Be Something Else?

Remember that it could be something else. A few other pests look like bedbugs. Therefore, you need to find out how to determine the difference. Bedbugs are oval and reddish-brown. Typically, they do not grow more than 10mm in length. Their antennas are small and difficult to spot. Besides bedbugs, our area is also home to cockroach nymphs and fleas. Both look like bedbugs.

What To Look For

You must know what to look for. Otherwise, the infestation will slip under your nose, and you won’t realize it until it is too late. Therefore, you should begin checking your home for bloodstains. Bedbugs are often crushed in the middle of the night. If this happens, they’ll leave a small bloodstain on your sheets. They also shed skin so you’re going to find bedbug exoskeletons around your home. The exoskeletons look like bedbugs, but they’re clear. Infested homes are also going to have eggs and egg casings. Bedbugs will leave feces around your home. Don’t forget to check your skin for bedbug bite marks. Bedbug bites are normally found on the parts of your body that touch the mattress at night. Finally, use your smell to find out what is going on. Bedbugs create a musty odor that smells like soda.

Searching A Home For Bedbugs

You must find out how to search your home for bedbugs. Although we recommend hiring a qualified professional, you can try searching your home too. Doing so doesn’t have to be too difficult. You just need to find out where these bugs hide. For instance, they want to hide on your mattress so they can suck your blood. They can be found on your mattress, box spring, bed frame, linen, and pillowcases. Once you’ve searched these items carefully, you should grab your flashlight and begin searching your baseboards. You can use a credit card to push the bugs out of the small gap near the baseboard. If you’ve found bedbugs in your home, it is time to call a professional. A reliable exterminator can help identify and eliminate the bedbugs in your home.

Teaming Up With A Professional

Before bringing in a professional exterminator, it is wise to eliminate some of the bugs on your own. You can do so by using household items you already own. For instance, you should throw your sheets, covers, and pillowcases in the washer and dryer. Be sure to use the hottest setting to eliminate the bugs. Once you’ve done this, pick up the phone and notify a professional. Remember that we’re always here to help. Our technicians have years of experience dealing with these pests, so they’ll rectify the problem quickly.

Common Questions

Is It One Bedbug?

While it could be one bedbug, this is unlikely. Bedbugs tend to travel and reside in large groups. Therefore, there is a good chance that more bedbugs are hiding in your home. Plus, you cannot ignore the fact that it could be a pregnant female bedbug.

What Should I Do?

You cannot ignore this problem. Call a professional as soon as you find bedbugs in your home. Doing so will help ensure that you’re ready for anything.

How Many Bugs Are Included In An Infestation?

A bedbug infestation can have as many as 500 eggs or as few as 20.

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