Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

Millions of people hop on a plane to travel for personal and business purposes. Every one of these travelers is exposed to a broad range of risks, many of which are unknown. One particular travel risk that comes to mind is a bed bug encounter. While such an incident may appear harmless, it could develop into something you would never expect. A bed bug infestation can easily develop from a trip abroad or in another state. How is this possible? Most travelers book their accommodations in local motels, inns, and bed & breakfasts. When you travel to a foreign location, where you know no one, your only accommodation is a temporary rental facility. Here, you will meet the tiny parasitic insect known as the bed bug. Yes, bed bugs are known to infest hotels, both luxury and budget. It is not unusual for travelers to book their accommodations in budget hotels just to save money. This is a great way to minimize your travel expenses, it will increase your risk of a bed bug encounter.

What Is A Bed Bug Encounter For Travelers?

An encounter between bed bugs and humans can occur at any moment, especially when you are a traveler. Whether you are traveling for business or personal reasons, a bed bug encounter is a major possibility. More travelers report bed bug sightings than any other group. Most of these sightings reportedly take place in temporary rental facilities. However, people have also reported sightings in hospitals, university dorms, skilled nursing facilities, homeless shelters, commuter buses, subways, public waiting areas, airplanes, and trains. Bed bug encounters have been known to take place in residential establishments as well. While visiting family members and friends, people have reportedly encountered bed bugs.

How To Avoid Bed Bug Encounters When Traveling?

Now, you know bed bug encounters are more commonly reported by travelers and tourists than any other group of people. When travelers set out to visit a foreign location, they do not always give much thought to bed bugs. In fact, most people are more concerned about their itineraries than bed bugs. These travelers will not be able to avoid bed bugs because they are unaware of the possibility.


Avoiding bed bugs begins with awareness. If you are not aware of a potential bed bug encounter, how are you supposed to avoid it? You can’t because there will be no time to prepare. Florida government is continuously running bed bug campaigns to bring awareness to the continuously growing bed bug problem. How can public awareness help keep travelers safe from bed bugs? Being aware of a potential bed bug encounter will help travelers in a variety of ways. First, and foremost, awareness will help you avoid bed bug encounters right from the get-go. If an encounter occurs, awareness will help minimize the traveler’s risk of becoming a transportation source for bed bugs.

Visual Inspection

If you are trying to avoid a bed bug encounter, it only makes sense to inspect your hotel room immediately upon entering. In infested hotels, bed bugs can be found hiding in the mattress, box springs, upholstery furniture, drapery, carpet, bed linen, pillow, towel, and bath cloth. Your job is to carefully inspect these items upon entering. Once the room is clear, it is time to bring in your luggage. It is important to inspect the room upon entering until you are ready to depart. Before you exit your room for the last time, it is important to inspect the items in your luggage. If you are overly cautious, a laundry cycle on the maximum temperature setting is highly recommended. Routine inspections of your motel room and accessories will help minimize your risk of inviting bed bugs back to your home.

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