Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

Are you concerned that bedbugs are hiding in your home? They could be. However, you likely won’t know until the infestation severely worsens. It is vital to find out what you’re dealing with much sooner. One of the best ways to do this is by learning more about the bedbug’s favorite hiding places.

Where Do Bedbugs Hide?

Although bedbugs hide everywhere, they tend to hide in certain places more frequently. Their most common hiding places can be found below.


First, remember that bedbugs are going to hide on mattresses and box springs. They hide here because they want to remain as close to you as possible. In the middle of the night, they’ll come out of their hiding places and feed on your blood.

Bed Frames

Bedbugs can hide on bed frames as well. They’ll hide in any crack or gap on your bed frame. If the frame is brown, the bedbug will likely blend in with it exceptionally well. Look closely or you might miss them.

Sheets & Linen

You’re likely going to find bedbugs on your sheets, covers, and pillowcases. They tend to show up here once the infestation has severely worsened. It is easier to spot them on these items.


When a home has carpets, there is a good chance that bedbugs are going to be hiding in the carpets. Bedbugs can easily slip through the fibers and make their way to the bottom of the carpet.

Couches & Other Furniture

Bedbugs can hide on certain furniture as well. For instance, they’re going to hide on your couches and chairs. They’ll slip through the cushions and hide underneath them. They can also hide under the furniture. Be sure to check your couch carefully because bedbugs could be hiding on it.

Other Places Bedbugs Can Be Found

Above, you found out about the bedbug’s most common hiding places. Just remember that this pest can hide in a lot of other places. Below, you’ll discover more about their other hiding spots.


You need to check your luggage and suitcase because bedbugs are likely hiding here. Your luggage offers plenty of great hiding spots. After a motel stay, bedbugs might be hiding in your suitcase. After a result, you’ll likely take them home with you. Be careful and prevent this from happening. Check your luggage thoroughly before returning home.

Wall Decorations

Bedbugs can climb. They’ll climb up the bed legs, couches, and walls. In some cases, they’re going to climb up your wall and hide behind your wall decorations. Pull your paintings down to see if you can find bedbugs behind them.

Novels & Books

Many read before going to bed at night. If you fit into this category, you likely have bedbugs in the books close to your bed. Be sure to check under the protective cover and in the gap between the spine and binding. If you have bedbugs, they will be hiding in these spots.

The Nightstand

The nightstand is one of the most common pieces of bedbug furniture. If you have a nightstand, it could contain bedbugs. Inspect in and under the drawers. Look under the nightstand. Inspect it carefully and you might find bedbugs in your home.

Electronic Devices

You likely use electronic devices. You could do so before bed and leave the device sitting next to your bed. If this is the case, you’re going to find bedbugs hiding in your electronics. They prefer simple appliances such as your alarm clock.

Under Your Bed

Finally, remember that bedbugs can hide in the items under your bed. If you store items under your bed, these pests could be hiding in the items in question. They’ll climb into boxes and hide among the items inside. Although you can store items under your bed, it is pertinent to do so wisely. Make sure that the container is durable and fully secured. Be sure to use a high-quality lid so bedbugs cannot sneak inside easily.

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