What Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away?

Essential OilsIt is essential to do everything you can to keep bed bugs away from your home. Remember that your options are plentiful. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to keep bedbugs away from your dwelling. Although there are other options at your disposal, you should not forget to use certain scents to protect your home. Some smells can indeed keep bedbugs away from your home, but they’re not as effective as other methods. One scent that works okay is the scent released by bedbug nymphs or babies. They release these scents to ensure that adult, male bedbugs do not try to breed with them.

Although the scent keeps bedbugs away, it only works for adult, male bedbugs. Female bedbugs will walk through without hesitation. The US Department of Agriculture recently conducted a study regarding the toxicity of essential oils. The results were surprising. While these essentials oils can help, they’re not great for deterring bedbugs. It is vital to understand that these smells are not effective for keeping bedbugs away. You can use them to potentially eliminate the pests though.

If you want to use essential oils to defend your home, be sure to use silicone oil, blood orange oil, spearmint oil, or paraffin oil.

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